HOW TO TALK on the phone when selling an apartment

The success of the transaction largely depends on the first telephone conversation with a potential buyer. The seller must present the object in such a way as to interest the client. But it is also essential to understand who is interested in the purchase. Let’s figure out how to prepare for the first calls and how to conduct a conversation.

Attracting target audience

To increase the effectiveness of your calls and attract only a potential audience, write your ad correctly. Please include all important information in the description:

  • exact footage;
  • price;
  • address;
  • number of rooms;
  • infrastructure.

The text should be complete but concise, so don’t go into details. Attach high-quality photos. We wrote earlier about how to compose an advertisement for a sale correctly.

For example, you have covered parking in your yard with a drive through the adjoining territory. By indicating this in your ad, you will reduce the likelihood of calls from those looking for an apartment in the residential complex exclusively with a yard “without cars.” You will interest those who care about the safety of storing cars.

Respect for privacy and security of a personal number

In the public domain on the site, you can use a different phone number. You will only receive calls to it regarding the sale of an apartment. Customer numbers will not be confused with the rest of the contacts – it’s convenient. In addition, third parties will not be able to see your personal phone number.

The convenience of such a reception is also that you can turn off the phone, for example, at night and for a time when you cannot talk about the apartment. Even if you indicate when you can receive calls in the ad, some will ignore it or not see the information.

Save genuine buyers’ numbers with a note

Among the callers, there will most likely be those who are interested in your apartment but are not yet sure and want to see more options. You will call these people later. Save their phone numbers, or better, write them down in a notepad with notes on what exactly confuses them or why they are not ready to buy an apartment right now.

Having phoned such a buyer next time, you will not have to remember who they are and why they did not look at the apartment right away.

For example, you are selling an apartment for an alternative deal, and at the same time, you are looking for an option to buy. The client who called you was ready to buy your property right away, but he is not ready to wait while you are looking for housing in return.

Then, as soon as you have chosen an apartment for purchase, it makes sense to call this person and ask if your offer is still interesting for him.

How to conduct a telephone conversation when selling an apartment

As for the very conversation with the buyer: it depends on the first contact whether they want to do business with you, look at the apartment, and buy it.

Speak confidently, calmly, and politely

Confidence in voice, precise knowledge of the nuances of the apartment will positively affect the delivery of information to a potential buyer. So you will interest him to move on to the next stage – showing.

And even if you hear rudeness or claims in your address, continue to speak calmly, do not conflict. As a last resort, end the conversation.

Provide complete and accurate information

Do not go away from uncomfortable questions; answer clearly and unambiguously. Avoiding specifics will make the client wonder if everything is clean here and whether he needs to communicate with the object.

Questions may relate to registered tenants, encumbrances, legal issues, reasons, and the timing of the sale. The buyer cares about the security of the transaction, so he needs to know all the subtleties concerning the object.

Be prepared to be asked about what is already said in the ad and even in its title. A person specifies or may have overlooked, and only a photo of the object will be seen. But it could be a genuine buyer, so politely tell it again rather than linking to the ad.

Speak concisely

Don’t talk about the apartment for too long. Say only the main thing and answer the questions clearly. Leave some positive details and advantages for display – this additionally motivates you to buy at a personal meeting.

For example, there is no need to tell on the phone that the bathroom is tiled with Spanish tiles, and the “smart home” system is installed in the apartment. Tell them about it when you show it. Such additional information in an actual meeting will increase the interest of the buyer.

Shift the discussion of weighty issues to the meeting

The first conversation on the phone is needed to establish contact and interest the buyer, agree with him about the time and date of the show. For now, do not talk about price reductions, installment terms, and the like.

Move the discussion of such issues to the meeting. First, the client should look at the apartment, and if he is interested in the purchase, it will be possible to discuss more serious issues.

Find out important information

As part of your first phone call, talk about the property and find out about the client. This will let you know if you are comfortable doing a deal with him.

Ask about the following:

  • for whom he buys an apartment;
  • whether he will be able to deposit the entire amount at once;
  • how urgently he plans to buy an apartment;
  • are there any additional conditions for the purchase?

Perhaps the buyer is only interested in the future or is a participant in the chain of alternative deals. For example, a person is looking for an apartment to buy, but at the same time, he needs to sell a home. If he sells an illiquid apartment at the same time, such a deal may drag on for months. Consider if this will suit you.

Liquidity of real estate of different classes You must understand who wants to buy real estate and under what conditions. Will it be possible to conclude a deal with them on time?

End the conversation logically

The best way to end the conversation is to set the date and time for showing the apartment. In case of refusal, ask why the buyer is not interested in viewing the property.

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