Design that interferes with the sale of an apartment

In addition to other housing features, the buyer of an apartment always pays attention to the interior. And an unsuccessful design can be a solid reason for refusing to buy real estate, especially if the apartment is bought not for renovation and for yourself. Let’s look at why design is so important and 6 major interior mistakes that could cost you a deal.

Why is it important?

Sometimes a renovated apartment can’t be sold for years. One of the reasons for this situation is non-standard design moves and solutions that owners use during repairs.

The fact is that each potential buyer tries on the property for himself while viewing. He and his family have their own needs, tastes, and preferences. And if the property in question does not meet his expectations, the sale and purchase transaction with them will not occur even after thorough bargaining.

Of course, over time, each design will find its buyer. But time can pass as a couple of months or several years, which can negatively affect the liquidity of the apartment and the seller’s plans.

What should be discarded during the repair and what “features” of the design are better to fix before the start of the sale – we will list below.

Combined bathroom and its original design

The importance of the bathroom cannot be underestimated, and more than in other rooms, its functionality is influenced by its layout and design. So, one of the common mistakes that will scare off some buyers is one combined bathroom for the entire apartment with three or more living rooms.

The demolished partition increases the room area and makes it possible to arrange more spacious furniture; such a plus cannot be disputed. But there is one caveat – couples with children mainly buy 3-room apartments. And for them, a separate bathroom is critically essential – no one will have to wait in a hurry or in an unforeseen situation. Therefore, it is better not to combine the bathroom if the housing is purchased as temporary. Alternatively, it is worth focusing on other advantages of the apartment during the sale.

Another solution that will cut off some potential buyers is to install a shower cabin instead of a bathtub. It is the usual bath that the residents of most apartments prefer. It is better to install a shower cabin or a corner in addition if there are two bathrooms.

Poor quality of bathroom ergonomics will also frighten off some buyers. These include massive wardrobes and cabinets, an inappropriate washing machine, and a lack of outlets. To solve these problems, a potential buyer will have to undertake repairs with the transfer of drainage systems and power grids, which is unnecessary expenses and calculations.

Unreasonably large kitchen-living room

Combining the kitchen and living room into one space is a popular trend among developers and owners during redevelopment. But this decision is not always justified in terms of the distribution of living space. In some cases, kitchen-living rooms are much more extensive compared to bedrooms.

This is normal if the dwelling is more than 100 square meters. m, but in the case of smaller apartments, this will alienate buyers accustomed to different concepts of family comfort.

In addition, do not forget about the ventilation features. If the apartment has a studio kitchen, the hood should be so powerful that culinary smells do not float in the recreation area.

Illegal redevelopment

During repairs and redevelopment, extra walls are often dismantled, and non-residential premises are joined to residential ones. Thanks to such solutions, the owners can redo the functional areas – to move or expand them. So, balconies, loggias, part of a common corridor are often attached to apartments. To extend the kitchen or bedroom, some owners dismantle the load-bearing walls and move the bathroom to another place.

During the viewing, an attentive buyer will ask about the legality of such changes, and to be sure, he may ask to show the relevant documents. An apartment can be sold for quite a long time without official papers. In addition, potential buyers may ask for a substantial discount because of this. Therefore, the owners should find out in detail how much it will cost to resolve the issue of illegal redevelopment and correct such a defect.

Non-standard communication solutions

During the renovation, it is essential to consider the obvious interior solutions and the practical work of communications. This is especially true for the competent wiring of electrical wiring, water supply, and sewerage pipes. Since after finishing, installing plumbing and furniture, this will be problematic. And then, the owners begin to think about solutions to the problem: various carriers, tees, switches, and other original solutions, popularly called “crutches,” are used.

The owner gets used to such inconveniences or necessary manipulations. Still, during the sale of an apartment, a potential buyer can pay attention to this and start talking about a discount. So, one mixer for the bathroom and washbasin, one outlet for the whole room, inconveniently located switches, and dozens of other ill-conceived nuances can cost the seller substantial expenses when concluding a deal.

Inappropriate interior style

Decorating the interior in a particular style is quite troublesome. Some design trends only need natural finishing materials or a careful selection of a color palette; others are antique furniture or high ceilings.

Ignoring the characteristic features of the style often leads to consequences, such as the apparent inappropriateness or luridness of the finish. So, in a cramped one-room apartment, it isn’t easy to recreate the scope and authenticity of a loft, and in a typical Khrushchev building on the outskirts of the city, Versailles or Baroque is unlikely to be in place.

Potential buyers may not notice a lousy combination of style, layout, materials, or location. But more often people will try to look for other suitable options or ask for a substantial discount on repairs.

Author’s repair

Apartments with author’s renovation is a complex concept. After all, everyone has different ideas about beauty. And if, for the seller, the abundance of golden accents seems to be a confirmation of the status of the property, then for the average buyer, it may turn out to be an unnecessary pompous gesture. And then, the buyer will not be ready to overpay for such stylistic delights.

Proprietary solutions that can alienate buyers also include:

  • Bright wall colors
  • Intricate ceramic tile prints
  • Fanciful drywall designs
  • Excessive individuality in design

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