While some owners dream of additional square meters, others do not know how to fill an empty room in an apartment. Meanwhile, in a living space that is not used in any way, mold can start, dampness, and a musty smell appear.

You can think over various options for refurbishing a free room and realize the dream of your billiard room, mini-gym, home workshop in the apartment, or an additional living room if friends or relatives often visit the house. Let’s consider what else can be organized in an empty living space, what are the ways of its rational and practical use.


Setting up a home office is essential if you are a freelancer, give private lessons, or host clients at home. You will need to purchase a comfortable chair or armchair for refurbishment if you plan to invite customers to negotiations. A desk with a wide working surface is an invariable office attribute and, possibly, a cabinet designed to store essential documents. Good lighting is also essential.

Be sure to consider what the background will be behind your back if you are negotiating online and the primary color of the interior. It is better if the workplace in a small apartment is decorated in cold shades (grey, green, blue) or neutral colors (white, woody, sandy). Avoid warm colors – they do not promote concentration, but, on the contrary, relax and tune in to rest.


The idea of ​​making a dressing room in an apartment will appeal to people who have a lot of things and shoes in their house. They no longer have to go from a closet in one room to another to try on something. Now all the clothes will be collected in one place, which will make it possible to evaluate the combination of the selected set immediately.

In the dressing room, it is necessary to organize high-quality lighting, preferably LED, to properly equip the storage and distribution system so that chaos does not form in the room; to organize an area for things that are often used, and an area for less popular wardrobe items (bags, umbrellas, suitcases, seasonal items ).


This option may seem like a whim to many, but if you are a breeder of breeding animals or take four-legged animals for overexposure, then you will be delighted to be able to give them a free room.

Depending on what kind of pets will be kept in the room, the equipment will need:

– Large soft house, sunbed, or dog chair.

– A play area and a toilet for small dog breeds.

– A secluded soft and warm sleeping place for cats, scratching post.

– Tray, bowls for food and water.

– For cats, you can purchase special devices with shelves and steps at different levels.

The pet room should not have crystal chandeliers and marble floors, decorative items, and potted flowers – they do not need them.


If you create handmade things, then the workshop in the apartment will be a great way out for you, especially if the family has small children. In such a room, you can not only fully create, completely surrendering to inspiration, but also store spare parts, tools for work, small parts, as well as ready-made handmade things.

For the equipment you will need:

– a table with a wide tabletop;

– a large number of lamps;

– storage area – wardrobe with drawers, wall shelves.

Chaos and confusion in the home workshop should be eliminated, so it is better to think over the storage system so that even separate drawers have different internal compartments.


If you are a fan of watching movies and TV shows, creating your cinema right in your apartment will appeal to you. The room allocated for it should have a minimum number of windows. It is even better if you purchase thick curtains for window openings. As interior items, you will need comfortable chairs, a sofa, or bean bag chairs. A mini-bar fits very organically into such a room.

Choose your version of equipment for space and fill it with your favorite things, create in it, relax, work. In short, expand your options to increase your comfort level while engaging in your favorite hobbies or work.

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