We told you a lot about the style unity of the interior, furniture and things, practicality, and various techniques with which you can create a unique design in your home. However, fashion never stands still, and one of the main modern trends today is the so-called happy chic, that is, the creation of such an interior in which a person would feel not only comfortable but truly happy.

In this article, we will figure out how to correctly place accents in the room and what things you should surround yourself with so that being in an apartment always fills you with joy and peace of mind.  


Rustic apartment with table and a corner with sofa and black and white decorations

Based on the results of opinion polls, consumers do not need so much to be happy. All their answers, long before the research was taken into account by decorators, have long been used to create an interior design in various stylistic solutions. Most of the respondents believe that their mood will be enhanced by:

– Large windows, great views from them, the presence of a significant amount of natural light.
– Pleasant aroma, lack of musty and damp odors.
– Comfortable and practical furniture.
– Widescreen TV, smart home appliances.
– Fireplace with live or artificial fire.

This all sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Designers have developed a new formula for humanizing space – filling it with unusual and dear things. For example, Jonathan Adler, an American designer and chief specialist in the field of creating “happy” interiors, believes that a truly luxurious house is not a posh mansion but a place in which objects are collected, surrounded by a person’s feels a surge of vitality.


Each person has their own idea of ​​happiness; however, there are several universal techniques with which you can give individuality to the space in which you live and place accents in the interior in such a way that everything around you will please you and charge you with positive:

  • Use antidepressant colors – lemon, green, orange, yellow, purple. Try to paint white, not the ceiling, but the floor, get textiles in bright colors.
  • Place original decor items around the apartment – a ceramic dog in the hallway, a hanging chair in the nursery, a hammock in the bedroom. Decorate the walls with unusual ornaments.
  • If you are doing needlework, surround yourself with handmade things. The hobby itself has a therapeutic effect, and the atmosphere of hospitality and creativity reigns in a home decorated with handmade products.
  • It’s wonderful if you inherited family heirlooms – an old gramophone, a sewing machine, an old clock in a wooden case. Such things give a sense of support and continuity of generations. If you don’t have them, you can always get some antique or artificially aged items.
  • Do not hide photographs, children’s drawings, certificates or newspaper clippings with memorable notes about your achievements in the mezzanine, in folders or albums – they can be arranged in beautiful frames and hung on the walls. By the way, psychologists have proven that looking at photographs helps to raise the mood to a much greater extent than chocolate or alcohol.
  • Modern lighting in the interior presupposes the presence of several lamps, even in the same room. This does not in any way contradict the concept of happy chic, on the contrary – you can use this to purchase chandeliers of the original shape or floor lamps with a curved tripod, an unusual lampshade.

Treat the interior filling in such a way that it fully reflects your character, style, taste, and lifestyle. A sense of kinship with all things in the space around you will give that very feeling of happiness and peace of mind, which we often lack so much in a rapidly changing world.

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